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QOL - All Unseen and Cult members share feedbackwith each other


Currently, players who can type fast enough to fit chat within the short timeframe (1.5 sec?) between night and day have an advantage over those who can’t. Can we let them automatically share feedback with eachother instantly? I have no suggestion for how this would work GUI-wise but still would be a VERY nice QOL feature.




Heretic = QoL. Got it


Literally just have the entire Unseen get each other’s messages when they get their feedback much like the messages when they click an ability


That is not at all QoL though

It is a direct buff.


It’s effect is QoL, since in the current state of the game you can get the benefits of this


That is clearly unintentional, however, as it involves exploiting load times.




Ergo I propose fixing this and adding Heretic or similar


Yeah, sounds to me like it’s currently a bug.

The bug needs to be fixed, the effect of it can be returned to the game if wanted via either special classes as orange said, or just made a full blown mechanic.

But yeah this shouldn’t be too much of a speed game, things with sub 5 second reflex times to get an advantage, should be removed.