Public Moderation Logs

All large moderation actions as it applies to players will be announced in this thread.

This includes signup bans, suspensions, etc.


Excessive Toxicity

  • Character attacks
  • Gaslighting (manipulation in FM is fine)
  • Inciting Violence


  • Trying to break the rules
  • Contacting players OOG about the game
  • Angleshooting

Excessive Flaking

  • Repeated instances of joining games with unjustified inactivity
  • Strategically replacing out
  • Replacing out due to alignment / game state

Thread Rulebreaks

  • Repeated instances of going against intentions of thread (i.e if a thread is meant for serious discussion, don’t derail it)
  • Necrobumping without adding new discussion
  • Twilight Posting

FM and FoL Blacklist

This list is effective immediately. Additions to the blacklist will be handled by the Forum of Lies team.

Player Name Blacklisted From Duration Reason
cupcakeaj2 All Types Indefinite Excessive Slanking
Margaret All Types Indefinite Gamethrowing

Indefinite Blacklists last until said player has proven they have changed and have appealed directly with any of the moderation team listed below.

This thread is not the place to handle such appeals, if you wish to appeal, private message @PoisonedSquid, @eevee, @Priestess or @Luxy

This blacklist applies to all types of games that need to be approved before ran, so turbo’s are excluded and are up to hosts’ discretion. Blacklisted players may only backup in the event that a game could not be ran without them.


@cupcakeaj2 has been indefinitely blacklisted for unjustified slanking in several games.


It’s been reverberent throughout the community that the moderation team should take harsher stances on player behaviour and this will henceforth be the case. It’s with a definite heavy heart that it had to come to this, as we do not wish to be exclusionary, but unfortunately this is necessary and will hopefully lead to a more stable forum in the future.

Having said so, @Emilia, @Isaac_Gonzalez and @Margaret have been indefinitely blacklisted for toxicity or playing against their win condition in several games.

@Alice will not be able to join the next FoL for insulting a host in FoL 21.

This is not a public tribunal.

This blacklist does not affect any ongoing games and hosts may choose to handle that amongst themselves. It however will be in effect for all future games or games currently in signups. Any attempt to derail ongoing games by blacklisted players will be scrutinized and bans will follow. Any chance at an appeal will also be lost should this occur.


H_Hjasik’s blacklist has been lifted given their appeal process, so they are free to participate in any games once more.

In the event that they are blacklisted again, they will lose the right to appeal however, as that’d be their third blacklist.


@Andrej Has been blacklisted for a month for unjustified slanking in multiple games. They can show good behaviour in their remaining Liar game in an attempt to lift this.


@Isaac_Gonzalez blacklist has been lifted given their appeal process, so they are free to participate in any games once more.