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Public Moderation Logs


All large moderation actions as it applies to players will be announced in this thread.

This includes signup bans, suspensions, etc.


Excessive Toxicity

  • Character attacks
  • Gaslighting (manipulation in FM is fine)
  • Inciting Violence


  • Trying to break the rules
  • Contacting players OOG about the game
  • Angleshooting

Excessive Flaking

  • Repeated instances of joining games with unjustified inactivity
  • Strategically replacing out
  • Replacing out due to alignment / game state

Thread Rulebreaks

  • Repeated instances of going against intentions of thread (i.e if a thread is meant for serious discussion, don’t derail it)
  • Necrobumping without adding new discussion
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FoL Changes Thread
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No longer work in progress.