Psycho King being poisoned

Getting elected onto the throne as Psycho King is hard enough. To be elected you need to fake a claim AND manage to get elected without royal blood whereas evils that are converted have claims that can be confirmed AND potential to have royal blood. Furthermore you sacrifice your abilities (such as possess, bypass immunity and all sorc bombs) for the throne.
Why should PK immediately die ‘Just because’ the butler decided to randomly poison for the fun of it? Whole fake claim and hard work to be killed unknowingly and randomly by a butler’s poison.

Psycho King should be immune to butler’s poison. It’s already hard enough to get on the throne as it is.


at the very least they should have a night ability that counters butler poison

Isn’t this gamethrowing?

Gamethrowing (in ToL) is intentionally going against your win condition. Randomly poisoning/CSing/etc. for no reason is generally a bad idea, but as long as the player’s intention wasn’t to harm their faction it’s not throwing.