Pronouns Megathread

Arete - they/them
Marshal - he/him
Jake - ze/zhe/zer/zim
Merc - anything
Magnus - He/Him/Kangaroo
katze - anything

Someone who isn’t me please attempt to wiki-edit this post so we can be sure I did it right :eyes:

no u

I know I can edit it

I’m trying to eliminate potential confounding factors


Priestess is cute

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oh you got mod? grats!

┏(-_-)┓┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛

I’m not an FoL mod but I’m a forum mod


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Arete is my junior, and even I was fol mod. There’s not much you have to be. Just be responsible, invested in the community, never break rules, remind others to not break rules, and host some matches from time to time… and be overall a positive influence, I guess.

*and don’t be on the secret blacklist


Either you or I don’t know what they speak about. Im not sure which one of us it is.

One of the requirements for becoming a forum mod is to not be on the secret blacklist

Unless you were not talking about the requirements for becoming a forum mod I would assume I’m on topic?


i think that a convo about a certain person blackballing people in a thread meant for pronouns is not the right place for it


You right

Even if your phrasing is awful

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when was i ever good at that


either sounds like a great time or an absolutely horrendous time :thinking: