Privateer & Corsair

The Privateer

Blue Dragon Killer

Fire (Day) - Select 2 players. Tonight you will blast a cannon shot at the first, killing them and bypassing everything (imprisonment, death immunity, heals, souls, knight defends).
When night begins they will be notified they are being attacked by a Privateer, and be told your number and the number of your second target, but not which is which. They can survive your attack by visiting you. (Infinite uses)

The Pirate

Unseen Killer

Fire (Day) - Same!


my suggestion to essentially turn all occupiers into tos pirates got shot down in discord so I made this thread as a hopefully more realistic concept that doesn’t involve any mechanics that aren’t already in place

I can’t for the life of me imagine why


make getting occupied fun (currently it’s not)

And how does that apply to this class? Make getting killed fun? :thinking:


no this class is just to put RPS in the game, but now that you mention it it would be funner to get killed by this class than anything else, if you die then you know you got outsmarted and not randomed

but why

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why not? it’s like a duel mechanic

…but why

but okay, let’s pick this apart like it was a good idea

  1. You’re giving BD a guiltless strongman killer with a 50% success rate
  2. You’re giving an Unseen convert strongman kills independent of the Assassin

It wouldn’t be anywhere near 50% success rate, because it’s 0% success rate if you are outed.

Enforcer and Timesnatcher technically help the Assassin get kills but they are practically getting an extra kill themselves.

It’s really crazy to think about the implications of this class being converted, isn’t it?


And yeah Shrimpy is right

You’re limited to exactly one kill attempt before killing someone never works again lol

it’s also a mechanically confirmable killer class

so any positives to adding a killer class for claimspace reasons are nonexistent

but yeah, i didn’t think about people writing logs

so an essentially one shot 50% strongman killer

this is actually worse design than ToS pirate

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one complains the kill’s too strong, the other complains you only get one kill …


You do only get one kill


Unless you target a super obvious BD who also thinks you are obvious BD and doesn’t out you after disabling your kill I guess

it’s not 50%, it’s entirely dependent on how skillfully you use it, and I think the confirmability issue (which I had not realized) could be fixed by making the ability 1-use (it’s fine since it’s unstoppable) and failing silently on blue dragon targets

laughs in free strongman kills on the Prince

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so this is now a class with one ability use for the entire game that isn’t even guaranteed to succeed

and fuck it why not make it an invest ability

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