Princess wisp rework

Night Ability 2: Wisp - Learn if target player’s night action was useful last night. Ability’s that successfully change the night’s outcome, find an enemy or successfully spot another action count as useful. (3-4 uses)

Basically anything that would give a non-default non-failure result procs this:

Tornado procs on someone visiting a tornado
Empower procs on aid
Heal/selfcare/delay ect proc when preventing a death
Stonewall/Standguard proc when occing at least 1 player
All Killing abilities procs if they kill someone who isn’t healed (unless it bypasses) or immune
Sheriff/Paladin invest procs if they find a Cultseen
Obs procs if he sees a visit or finds a non-BD
Buter/Drunk/converts proc if the target isn’t immune
Fool hide procs on attack
Fool deceive procs always
Convert/foresight procs on non-immune player
Wisp procs on proc. Does not proc if 2 wisps target each other
Inquisitor procs on heathen
Pretender procs on royal
Flirt never procs
Noble procs if he sees any feedback
Spy never procs
Maid procs on incompatible
Scorned procs if the framed target is investigated
Disguise never procs


I totally agree with this.

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If you’ve ever had a time where someone “failed at their action” in order to maintain a fake claim then you know a use for this.

Fits with the Princesses theme of poking holes into someone’s fake claim.


What’s the current Wisp?

Learn if target player attacked someone.

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Doesn’t see non-visiting attacks.

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Alright. This wisp is better.

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Yup. It’s supposed to be


Better then current wisp but princess would still be a underwhelming class

Baby steps

Observer is more of a problem then princess but it’s better then nothing.