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Princess Buff/Rework



Blue Dragon Investigative
Passive: Royal Blood

Day Ability: Truth Serum - Flirt will give the target’s exact class type (2 uses)

Night Ability 1: Flirt - Narrow target players class type down to 2 types (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Wisp - Learn how many limited use ability’s target player has used this game (including tonight) (3 uses)





why can’t it just give the targets exact class type


Actually this is a really nice fix for it tbh


Oops. Typo


how does reaper work here

It’s like semi limited uses


Consuming a soul counts as 1 use per soul


don’t do drugs kids


She does the drugs on you instead


you gonna change duchess too or nah?


Probably. I’ll think of something


I’m not against this wisp but I’d still prefer it if it was a faction check instead(and change window peek to something else). Observer is easily the strongest investigative, peek doesn’t fit with follow, and a faction check would have great synergy with Flirt, especially with finding neuts.


Disagree. a suspicious follow and a peek can land you a converter + convert. It does have it’s uses on observer.


I’m not saying that it isn’t useful(in fact I think it’s actually too useful. A follow + faction check is overpowered, and why observer is the strongest investigative. A faction check is better than test faith and Expert Investigations in every way, and follow is better than flirt(at least in terms of finding killers)), just that it doesn’t fit with the theme of observer(which should be finding info about your target’s actions/what happened to them). There’s a difference. A class’s theme is what a class’s abilities focus on. For example Princess is based upon finding fakeclaims. Although will-o-wisp doesn’t completely fit with flirt, it does help differ scum killers from good killers.


/Semi Support

I disagree with the wisp change it discourages assassins/Cls from bleeding or other evils fake claiming like mm using little birdes. I feel like it punishes classes for being evil and using there limited abilities.

I’d revert wisp to it’s old state or buff it to add framing and conversion (Maybe CONVERTS I already don’t like how easy it is to find MM).

I like the new day ability makes princess at least more comparable to maid in power