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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


That just means Party is the absolute here then. :wink:


Prince is too good for the alcohol.

Therefore, he is immune to hh.


Why is that possibility exciting? Having the king guard someone and make them death immune is interesting, because generally scum roles are death immune and it opens up claim space. This possibility does nothing like that.

I can only envision even more obscure scenario’s with framing Prince as Possessor, because he did not execute.

I guess I’m answering my own objections, but I never said that I was strongly against this to begin with.


Since hh removes all immunities and conversion immunity is a type of immunity couldn’t if planned right prince be converted since their conversion immunity would be stripped from them for a night, in theory


Therefor converted Sellsword when? (aka: the most redundant class ever)


Well, with your change,
Alcholic > Prince


Also I would be mad angry if I am executing the mastermind with 1 execute left to win the game because then me and bd king could vote up the other unseen and the alcoholic hh’s me and I lose a charge. If that is the case prince shouldn’t lose charges.


I can agree with that.


I can’t. That argument can be used with every other limited ability that isn’t investigative




TOS jailor doesn’t lose users of executes my dude.


No execute is a very strong ability and losing uses is a very big deal


what about no one loses uses from being occupied


Neither did ToS vigilante


But knight has unlimited cs so it evens out


Ah but Hunter doesn’t have unlimited wolves


Or bears but that’s less important in this context


Wait do you still believe that drunk needs a nerf? Drunk is fine, the only change it needs it needs is reworking happy hour so it isn’t just a better serve wine. And possibly giving it a day immunity bypasser.

Balance > lore

The same can happen with other abilities. Balance shouldn’t be done around rage.

Why should prince be an exception just because of rage?

You shouldn’t compare ToS to ToL. They are very different.

That’s why it should be able to lose uses from HH though. Execute needs counterplay, and strong isn’t the same as overpowered.


Here is what I think what Happy Hour does: it only remove certain immunities for the night, but doesn’t actually occupy the player unless it’s coordinated with that class ability from different player

So you’re aaying it doesn’t work even with that?


immunity bypass is happy hour?