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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


It’s closer in probability to a yolo CS hitting the prince instead


If you’d want to buff Alcoholic, I’d rather have a cool new day ability to be honest. Same converts are bland. I’m glad they changed Servant.


Who says I am only doing 1 thing?


Nuke wanted to give him an extra KPN


I didn’t


Yes you did, I would know, I heard it from nuke.


This suggests that that is your primary purpose.


I remembering seeing an ability that lets it bypass redirection immunity as an ability


Emergence > Possibility space > Buffing alcho > nerfing drunk > nerfing prince


I don’t see how these are different. I made that illustration to say that the rational thing is not always going to happen in ToL.


So? This isn’t an attempt to change that so no wonder it doesn’t


Don’t know what this means.

There are no new possibilities to me. The execute can only be prevented by a Drunk/Alcoholic. You just flipped the binary decision. It is a question of which absolute is more important to uphold? Is the Prince truly unstoppable or does Happy Hour stop everything. I think the former, since Prince is a guaranteed spawn and more iconic of the BD.

And I think your balance changes are unnecessary.


So the chance of a Drunk happy houring a prince are not nihil and this nerf would be less of a nerf than maybe previously intended or thought. That was the only point I was making.


Basically using a combination of mechanics to accomplish more than the sum of their parts


Not necessarily a single player mind you. Hell you can have no players and have emergence. All you need is consistent interaction between various systems


There is 1: An execution failing


Neither. You should break both absolutes. For example HH does not stop a Party


No add this, prince is unstoppable, even an hour of free drinks can’t stop him executing the princess!


Why would I add that?


consistency tho