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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


Yes you do your my manager


Ok I speak for FK. He hates you and wants to eat you so you should jail and exe him


you are fired


I added the disclaimer for it.


Actually FK says I am hired forever


No I didn’t


Yes he did. I would know, I speak for him


Then just say it is your preference instead of saying it is necessary for game balance. That’s all I wanted to hear.


This is how firekitten get’s kidnapped and nuke becomes firekitten


I’m doing more to buff the Alcoholic than to nerf the prince. The SECOND poll would be a real significant nerf


Second poll is even better then the first


Just as unlikely as it is for yolo butler poisons or yolo Observer Peeks to be a thing? It will happen. Mostly when the Prince is hidden though obviously.


No. Less likely than both


Prince will out eventually leading to an increase in converted drunk happy hour and a decrease to drunk happy houring prince


We’re just going to make a probabilistic estimate based on our argument, so let’s agree to disagree there.

I’m just saying that the chance is not zero.


There are more yolo peeks than yolo HH’s and yolo butler has a 100% chance of hitting




Yes. 2 peeks compared to 1 poison


/Vote Luxy

You voted no on the poll


Since a Yolo HH has to randomly hit the prince (1/living players), Yolo peek has to hit a non BD (non-BD/total) and Yolo poison only has the King (King/King)

So mathematically Yolo HHing the prince is less likely than the other 2 yolo’s you mentioned