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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


That’s literally the point. Making something counterable is nerfing


Here is why this is not the way to approach that. I don’t think Prince is overpowered, so I’m not going to suggest any nerfs to him either.


tell me in what world is a three shot strongman vigilante roleblocker whateverthethingisalled mystic not op?


Something can be powerful, but not overpowered. Having uneven power in the town makes the game more interesting and prevents public massclaiming.

Roles like the NK/MM/CL are equally “broken” if you phrase them like you do.




If you’d want to nerf it, why wouldn’t you just reduce execute count to 2 or something like that? Removes all the conditionals this “nerf” would have. (It wouldn’t even be too much of a nerf as I estimate the chance of a Drunk HH’ing a Prince are about the same as an Alcoholic doing it)


Execute count should be 3, mainly because I love the number three, but not the main reason the main reason is because we shouldn’t nerf the killing power


Definitely not. Alcoholic is significantly more likely to HH a prince because he would do it deliberately


And it isn’t really swing if it requires planning


Except Drunk also spawns in Cult games and is not always converted by a Mastermind. I can count the number of times I saw an Alcoholic on my hand.


There is no planning around the class simply not spawning.


And whatever number you come up with is less than the number of Alcoholics that appear in your games


Under that reasoning every convert is broken because of swing


Solic pick a number 1-14 on N1. Prince was 3.

Pick a number 3 as alcoholic when prince outed. You happy houred him


A Drunk could and WILL do the same thing in ToL. Bickering about its probability is not going to do this argument any good.


it is though. Your argument was it happening as often


Unlikely. And as we said it would be even less likely if this change happened


No, because the initial premise was that Prince was broken or the game is imbalanced and I do not agree with that.


I don’t think we ever said that we just wanted a counter

I said OP not broken :wink:


That wasn’t the initial premise. Or mine anyways, I don’t speak for FK