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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


Don’t forgot about scorned


No. Counterplay isn’t something that deters an action, it isn’t something that punishes an action. It’s something that prevents an action from being done


Deception should be scum’s main tool in a social deduction game. It is scum’s fault for ending up at a gamesolved situation and even then sometimes harsh convincing can cause enough doubt to win.


It is counterplay if one person does something to another to stop them from doing the action being countered


So merc old rebound?


No. Rebound does not prevent a lynch from occurring


But it punishes voting.


Punishment is not counterplay


I misread what you said lol

Thought you said it was


No. It is counterplay if it prevents the countered action from being preformed


this is a TOL where mechanics make up 90% of the play here. They should be counterable


A drunk is not guaranteed, so the argument to make this work solely because there needs to be a mechanical counter to Prince jail doesn’t go up in my opinion.

Note that I’m still neutral on the change and I think the main pro for it is the simplicity aspect of making Prince consistent.


Maybe in your games :eyes:

I couldn’t resist.


You know true and well that most people in tol don’t use scumreading and mostly rely on mechanics.

As well, your argument is dumb. Butler and drunk isn’t always going to spawn so why bother have occupy/redirect immunity


While we are at it let’s make unseen mafia and every other role citizen


I have never said I don’t like mechanics in the game.


I literally just used your argument as a counter argument though.


This is a rabbit hole I’m not going to go in.

Tell me why it’s a necessity to have Prince execute be mechanically counterable to you?


Because it makes sense, prince is now tuned down a little so they will be forced to stop relying so heavily on prince and even crushes prince meta more.


WHY does it make sense to you?

This is just asking to nerf Prince and if you want to nerf Prince it is better to do so in a way that does not rely on a conditional Drunk/Unseen spawn or it will just create more swing in games. (This is presuming that everything is balanced except Prince)