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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


oh. I still think a class that has to be nerfed to be a converted version is unbalanced. Prove me wrong


Servant is a nerfed butler


not anymore
They have bewilder now


Poison > Bewilder.

Also the entire cult


cult doesn’t count we r talking about unseen


FOL butler. Rest my case


Special pleading much




Yeah. That’s a logical fallacy


no proof


Also any proof you come up with means nothing cause I can’t read :stuck_out_tongue:


How many fingers am I holding up then?


Zero. Fingers don’t exist and are a illusion of the mind. :wink:




3 actually. Mind illusions still count


Balance shouldn’t be done around throwers. A lot of abilities can be used to throw.

You can’t kill them if you don’t know who they are(You technically can, but only if you get lucky).

Because execute needs some way to counter it. Prince is overpowered since there’s no way to counter it.

And? A lot of changes are niche.

Exactly. And mastermind still has counterplay. Same with cult leader.

I’d be fine with that. It would discourage yolo happy hours.


This is where skill is involved.

I gave you a counter. Be townread by the Prince. Why does lynching during the day not need a mechanical counter?

This requirement is simply your preference. Don’t make it appear as if it is a necessity or that the Prince is imbalanced because of this, because it is not. If you’d actually want to nerf Prince, there are way better ways to do it than this.

The simplicity principle that I mentioned somewhere else. New players already have a steep learning curve.


Because deception is not counterplay. The importance of the distinction is endgame situations were everything is usually known


There is actually one. It’s called fool.


Actually it’s decide fate. Or majority. Or Chill/PP/Mind control