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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


No they are both killing /s

But mastermind IS also more special then hunter. However I don’t see you giving it a unneeded buff like unlimited cooldown


That’s also a bad example man I’m bad at this


To clarify my stance, I’m not really for or against this change, but if it is implemented it should always work the same for Drunk and Alcoholic.




Because HH is supposed to be that immunity-piercing move

I’d argue your simplicity argument should apply against Prince here

Not to mention having a way to stop executes is relatively fringe but both fun as hell and a tactic that should be allowable


And what if you are drunk who firmly believes the knight isn’t assassin and you want prince to not lose all his executes.

There is now a way


If that’s the best use of your abilities, you’re probably not doing it right. If there is still scum left, you’re better off aiming for them.


It’s also the only reason I would support this change. :smiley: I referenced that in the suggestion to make it different for Alcoholic.

The way you stop executes is by looking townie to the Prince, which is already allowable. If you’re not town enough to the leader of the village, you should be in a perilous state.


Prince having execute>anything else


I don’t see why choosing to convert an Alcoholic to cover for risky plays is somehow a bad tactical choice


Prince thinks he’s the leader of this town. I’ll show him!



I mean, still it could be useful in some scenarios the prince>everything else was a little extreme but




Consistency is #1


Balance is #1
Possibility space is #2
Fun #3
Consistency is #4
Lore #5


HH working on a Prince accomplishes all 5 of the above


fun is 1 balance is 2. I won’t play a unfun balanced game


But I love coinflipping competition.

Also while that is true for the game as a whole if you are looking at an individual ability or class from the PoV of the person using it then it’s a different story.

For example Priest is fun but the fact that she is so unbalanced outweighed that fact


Priest dying to revive prince is not fun


I mean OG priest