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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


nah asking you. What do you think?


I’d love to ask boslof if he came on this thread or something. He doesn’t like being pinged


He’ll probably read this anyways

And if we’re that concerned about throwers make it so only Alcoholic can do it or something


Making really arbitrary (you just kinda have to know this fact) balance decisions is bad for the transparency of the game towards new players. I’d be very much against just having Alcoholic have this particular strength.

Also it’d out you as Alcholic


I agree I would dislike that too


It’s probably better than no way to stop Prince

Also you’d get outed anyways in 99% of the circumstances where you are blocking the Prince when he executes anyways


The way to stop Prince is to look town or kill him early. I don’t see why there needs to be some possible mechanical counter scenario at all.


Because endgame prince is BS sometimes and having a way to stop him makes for lots of potentially interesting plays


That’s scum’s fault for getting to that point.

This method is super fringe and will probably happen maybe once in a person’s ToL career.


And it will be an awesome moment


I’m sorry that this thing can potential make Town lose D1 but it only happens every thousand games it’s fine.

no it isn’t


Wait wrong example




Hunter being in a end game scenario with EK happens not a lot so why don’t we make it impossible by not letting king die to it

I think that’s a better example?


Nope. Still misses the point


That’s different, because that is already the general case, whereas here you are making an exception.


Nuke you do it I’m terrible at making examples


Wait still no. Right now Prince is the exception and we are trying to restore him to the general rule


It’s like how Dirty works only matters in 1 in 100 games but is still an objective improvement for the game


Prince is a more special role than Hunter though. :thinking: