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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


The prince should be strong as they are meant to be the Blue Dragon’s leader(and look at Mastermind and Cult Leader. They’re both strong leaders, though they still have counterplay), but I agree that that does not mean that prince should not have counterplay.

The prince is(or at least should) be meant as the Blue Dragon’s leader. They should help coordinate the BD and gather information. The Cult and Unseen each have a leader class so why shouldn’t the Blue Dragon.


Jail and execute. Both are individually threats that evils would want to prioritize removing.

Giving BD something to hide means that revealing information is riskier and that someone who isn’t claiming might be overlooked making the dynamic important. This distrust he causes is counter balanced by his inherent power.

This is why when Prince dies N1 the BD are only disadvantaged instead of utterly fucked (compare MM)


Also whisper meta only makes you think you win more games



Leader is a surprisingly vague term. Yes he should be strong and yes he should try and gather information and coordinate BD as much as possible. His ability’s do allow for this (but not as well as mystics do) and that is 100% a good way to play. It just isn’t his primary effect on the game


No. It doesn’t. All it does is make you not be lynched by those doing whisper meta who are only trying not to be lynched by those doing whisper meta who are only…


If you can hh a mastermind, Prince exe should be interruptable. You are still jailing them for a night, just can’t exe. (Imho) yeah I know it’s late lol