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Prince should be vulnerable to HH


I meant that it should make debauchery bypass redirection immunity. Happy hour should just remove immunities and not occupy as well(and have unlimited uses to make up for it)


We used to have that. It was very underwhelming


Maybe it could work like this instead then:

Happy hour(uses: unlimited)- remove your targets immunities and disable their passives until the end of the next night.

the main reason why happy hour needs reworking is because it’s a better version of serve wine, the only advantage Butler has is unlimited uses


The advantage the Butler has is also an absolute defence, which is more important for the BD, as the Butler can maintain a large presence in the court. Butlers can also kill kings, which is pretty strong as well.


Unlimited uses is a huge advantage. Also the ability to discover immunity’s


Drunk HH does not need a change.


Not in the sense that RHCube suggested


Exactly. Prince does.


Happy Hour bypasses occupation immunity so why shouldn’t it occupy Prince? It requires coordination anyway so if an Alcoholic manages to Happy Hour Prince it should occupy him.


says the man with the drunk as a profile picture with the bio, “I LOVE DRUNK”


Surprised to see so many players want to keep occupy immunity for the Prince

There’s literally no reason the Prince should have it, and it would open up a lot of new gameplay that didn’t exist before.


Agreed. I can see why people think Prince should have normal occupation immunity, but there’s no reason for him to have a super occupation immunity


I don’t see why people think he does.

“He’s suppose to be the strong guy so let’s make him stronger”

10/10 logic


10/10 would add as much swing as possible to this one class for the lols again


TBH. The point of Prince isn’t to be really strong. Instead, his job is to be a big target which BD wants to hide and Unseen/Cult want to find really badly. Giving Unseen/Cult more ways to deal with a known Prince is thus a good thing


It’s meant to be a balance for how many converts there are. Pretty much


No. If he was then he would have more survivability.


but then why is he here




but a part of him being scary is being able to execute right? Therefore he is a counter to converts