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Prince should be vulnerable to HH

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Prince should also be vulnerable to regular occupy

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I believe its an unecessary change that only makes a Prince less useful to BD, especially since Prince is a powerclass BD can trust.


that doesn’t follow. More trustworthy does not mean it should be stronger overall


I mean, HH removes Immunites. It should affect the Prince.


You are never going to listen to an opinion that isn’t yours. Just posting mine.


Agreed. Execute needs counterplay. And it doesn’t make sense. Happy hour removes immunities, so why should prince be an exception?

How does it make it less useful? Drunks shouldn’t be occupying an outed prince. If an alcoholic occupies the prince then it instantly outs them as converted. It’s a fair trade. And it’s not unnecessary. Everything needs counterplay. Execute has no counters currently

That doesn’t mean that it should have no counterplay. Mastermind is also a powerclass, yet it still has counterplay.


I still remember my first game as alcoholic

The Prince had claimed
Had my Mastermind in jail

And I was gonna save him. I could be a hero!

And then when the night ended

My Mastermind died. And so did a part of my Innocence that I’ll never get back


(may or may not be overdramatic for comedic effect)


lol. 69% of people agree with HH and disagree with Butler


When you realize you voted wrong in the poll


No cause there can be throwers who decided they dont want prince to be useful and random occers while you want to stay hidden at the time with only 3 exes thats bad


Don’t balance for throwers, this game is a pay to play. We ban them and move on.


also that’s like saying happy houring the knight cause you don’t want them to be useful. Tough love.


Bosolf had said that when i asked about happy hour firekitten…


Closer to a Hunter



it just doesn’t make sense tbh


And I would say the same thing to him


@techwolves be honest right now. If there were zero game throwers, everyone tried to their best of their ability. Would you think this is acceptable.

If not why :thinking:


Ask boslof that then as he gave a good reason for keeping prince super occ immune