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Pretender Rework


Also, you might need to fix your formatting of it.

Not being nit-picky here it just looks neater. Here’s your class but in this format.
:shield: = Unique

The Pretender :shield:

Neutral Special
Dirty Blood (Passive) - You are death immune and appear as royal to investigative checks.
Usuper (Passive) - During the King election, votes for you will be multiplied by the number of Kings killed by your hands, starting at 1x, if you kill one king you get 2x, kill another you get 3x and so on.
Bribe (Day) - Your attack will bypass the Kings guards tonight but will be able to be healed. - 1 use.
Silence (Day) - Silence a player for 20 seconds. - 2 uses.
Blood Test (Night) - Check a player, if they have Royal Blood or are the King, you will attack them and the attack will bypass healing. - Infinite Uses.
Mimicry (Night) - Use the first ability of the last Non-Unique class with Royal Blood that you killed. - Infinite Uses.
Your objective is to become KIng and survive till the end of the game

You probably already know this, but yeh, it kinda just looks neater.


Any tip to formatting is appreciated.


> #[color=placecolorhere]class[/color] :shield: <--- this is if it's unique
>[color=placecolorhere]faction classtype[/color]
>**Passive (Passive)**


Is it really better to do:

Passive (Passive)

instead of

Passive 1
Passive 2


It reads left to right better