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Pretender Rework


The Pretender :shield:

Neutral Special
Dirty Blood: You are death immune and appear as royal to investigative checks.
Usurper: During the King election, votes for you will be multiplied by the number of Kings you have successfully killed. (starting at 1x, so if you kill one king you get 2x which is royal blood, 2 kings 3x, etc.)

Bribe (1 use): Your attack will bypass the Kings guards tonight.
Silence (2 use): Silence a player for 20 seconds

Blood Test (inf use): Check if a player has Royal Blood or is the King. If they are you will attack them tonight. They can not be healed. Cannot be used on the same target twice in a row.
Mimicry (inf use): Use the first ability of the last Non-Unique class with Royal Blood that you killed.

Win condition: Become King and survive until the end of the game.

Basically my Pretender suggestion from my big balance patch, but as a standalone version


Since this is unique isn’t it pointless to have this as it is the only royal blood checker?

This probably needs to be reworded.

The impression I’m getting here is that BD will almost certainly have to give king to an open pretender claim if it outs since it’s super dangerous as Pretender.


why would it not attack king every night then

  1. Maid.
  2. Let me think about something.
  3. Or you know, just exe the open Pret.
  4. NKs would start faking Pretender with that.


Alright look.

When you make a class or rework you always should have a goal in mind of what do you want this to do to the game.

Let’s say allow NK’s to fake Claim it is your goal

Your first priority is BALANCE when making or reworking a class. Do you think it’s balanced to allow the pretender to always attack the king.


It’s already the case. Ok only 2 times though


That’s not what I said, I said always.


but how would you attack a non-unique royal if you can’t


You still attack them.
This is to prevent copying Assassin/ CL royals.


But then this part makes no sense.


Blood Test checks if someone is either Royal or King, then attacks them if they are.

Mimicry only gives you the ability of a non unique royal, so Princess, Noble, Drunk and their converts.


But, it attacks the player if they have royal blood.
Thus, how can it attack a player who doesn’t have royal blood.


It doesn’t.


But the class literally specify’s it attacks a player if the Pretender checks them as Royal Blood


It only attacks royals and Kings… What’s this argument about…


You just proved my point that this ability can’t be used ever.


It gives you the ability of the last ROYAL you killed.

“Non-Unique”, because Prince, Assassin, CL.

I mean… Did I somehow fuck the wording? It makes perfect sense to me.


Too me it looks weird and seems like you’re saying Non-royal




Yeh, seems better, thanks.