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Pretender Rework Version 2


Convincing them that you aren’t pretender and are an ally. If they think they can win without you and remove you then that’s on you


Becoming King is meaningless if you don’t then do something as King. Most suggestions I’ve seen (prior to Pretender) turned you into either Evil King or a unique King with SS wincon.


You cause some sort of harm to Blue Dragon immediately upon becoming King (simultaneous with your victory) that is so bad people will be extremely careful not to elect Pretender.

Not meaningless.


Meaningless for the Pretender. It’s always more interesting when what you are doing is the means to an end rather than the end. Especially considering that if you make the Pretender have to do something as King then you can make it so that elected Kings in general are more suspect and not just people stepping up.


I want Pretender to be only about becoming King and not have anything to do with surviving

Also while we’re talking about Butler poison maybe it could be nerfed by only killing King if he makes himself vulnerable to it in some way voluntarily first e.g. by using decide fate or using night ability idk

But Butler poison is too swingy and with this sort of rework we could remove the artificial 4-day restriction


She doesn’t HAVE to be about surviving. But she does have to do something


I used to have dethrone simply prevent all kings upon your death regardless of you being executed, but people said it was OP. I agree with you though.

Dying is a bad idea, and there’s nothing wrong with having to survive. Pretenders are already sometimes upped when they just claim pretender.

That’s the point. This is meant to be a better royal blood.

I can see how fraud is a bit OP but how is ballot mixing?

How? It’s powerful, but it immediately confirms your presence. There is nothing to prevent players from simply not voting at all.


Yes there isn’t anything that can prevent players from not voting, pretender can just vote the mself


It wouldn’t work on Pretender’s own vote


No one votes but pretender


If no one votes but pretender then Pretender obviously has the most votes


But it wouldn’t count on the Pretender’s own vote. So Pretender can’t just vote themselves


This is a derp moment for you


Oh lul. Didn’t get it at first


You can’t convince the evil faction that you are one of them, they already know who they are. In the scenario I described, Pretender was punished for good play.


Alchemist has the same problem and we aren’t giving HIM retribution


I agree.

We need retribution on alchemist



Pretender is fine in current state.

Convince me otherwise


pug are you drunk again

seriously dude we talked about drinking too much it’s unhealthy


Give Alch a gun :^)