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Pretender Rework version 1


Cool, but you don’t have to make her so fucking broken OP. This is too much.


Here’s the thing right, we say in theory open claiming pretender should be punishable, however there are certain instances where open claiming pretender to be elected is very strong, in fact it should be encouraged to open claim.

For one: It allows the scum to focus on upping someone for king who is both mislynch bait and a late-game vote for them
In practicality BD risk losing if they don’t scumhunt and choose to focus on the king instead, they have to trust them to side with them effectively and “play nice.” because they are probably very close to losing voting majority.


Pretender can win D2 if king dies N1 and no BD votes for them

that’s the funny thing


Put simply, if BD do not outnumber scum by a 2:1 ratio or better, including the pretender as scum for the sake of king elections, being elected is easy


You’re right in a sense, the pretender winrate should be higher.


Becoming king isn’t as hard as it should be because there is nothing to discourage Pretenders from open claiming. The day abilities exist to counter that.

It can be good for scum but not BD. My main issue is that there is nothing to discourage them from claiming to the king, of all people.


Their win condition stops them from claiming to someone who’s existence is in direct hostility to their win condition. What king wouldn’t up an open pretender claim

(or if they don’t remind me to claim pretender a HELL of a lot more often as scum)


Here’s the thing, the question is how badly you want rework Pretender and risk BD’s winrate goes down below 50%.

Pretender Rework Version 2

Tell me, what it would change if your suggestions would be added to the game?


I’ve seen people do it.

Also, I just made a new version so move discussion there