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Pretender Rework ideas and how to make elections more interesting


Yeah but she gets hard countered by supports like butler


Yeah also they are F Tier


When is Pretender going to be lit owo


I think some of the ideas are interesting but broken. For example, giving Pretender the ability to force pardon would probably make Prince get auto executed every time when up. Crowning Pretender king = loses a charge of ability hurts Cult members too much.

But some of the ideas are really good. For example:

Kinslayer (Night Ability) (Rework) Target a player or attack the King. If the targeted player is Royal, you will kill them. If they are not, you will get two possible Class Types for that player.

That’d make the Pretender a lot more threatening since she’ll be the royal killer (where she should be, as of now using Kinslayer on royals is a waste since you only have 2 stabs and the king has 4 guards), maybe combine it with Deceiver so Pretenders can claim multiple roles? Otherwise, no one would ever vote Princess as King even if confirmed, it hurts Princess claims too much.

About the downsides of voting a Pretender king, think about Alchs…why do we exe Alchs? They make the game swingy because they can YOLO and side evil, or be a death immune doctor that heal bds. I think the best idea is to make Pretender King an evil tyrant, and give them the power people are afraid of(even if they don’t use it), it’ll def make her role a lot more interesting:

Tyranny: You have no guards, but will be automatically guarded the night you’re crowned, and be able to kill people with fatal guards, and have unlimited decide fate.

The unlimited decide fate is to make Pretender feel more like a tyrant, but at the same time would out yourself as the Pretender King, the killing power is to make the game end faster so you have a higher chance to survive, and evil may hate you since you maybe slaughtering Unseen/Cult members with YOLOs, if fatal guard go pass death immunity you may even threaten the MM.

The game would be harder since you can’t open claim, but open claiming is lame…remember the days where Scorned are open claiming d1 in every game since they only need to see 2 people executed? The situation is similar for Pretenders right now. “Hey guys I’m a Pretender, I’m not evil, not bd and pose no threat, just vote me King” .

You have all the powers at your disposal, and no one knows that you’re a Pretender King…but then, you have no guards, pray that you can survive till the end of the game.


Honestly thou to up Prince at this point of the game BD must be really bad and punishment is a way to go, but I agree with your other points