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Pretender Rework ideas and how to make elections more interesting


This is a perfectly good mechanic that needs to be added


How about no because that sounds like an incredibly un-fun experience for all involved

Like when Poacher had retribution


I miss when I wrote beautifully this way




But it would indeed stop people from electing her for no reason :thinking:


vote this pretender to instantly die

see also: this election has been hacked, only fellas with royal blood can be voted


that’s sarcasm


I hope


No it’s not? Killing everybody that elected the Pretender is no better than killing everybody that voted a Fool.


I meant I thought shrimps post was sarcasm


I was being sarcastic here


I know you were


Oh good idea. Lets add that too


Let’s add a NK class that wins if they die and they kill everyone if they die


And also wins if they don’t die right?




Guys! Don’t lose sight of the matter, your sillies. We should discuss how Pretender should be pick banned in the new meta right, it’s the most busted ADC right now any build fits that shit.




im not being sarcastic, id rather that pret than current one


wait wut

you can’t be serious