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Pretender revamp


Pretender should pretend to be a royal person, not be claiming pretender n1. Imagine if you were in the middle ages and said to a king “Hi, I want to take your place, so I’m going to kill you”, that would not end well.
I think that the pretender acts too much like a real princess so there’s little reason to not claim pretender d1. Instead I propose a little change: since pretenders are usually not good at ruling, once they become king they will make questionable laws. Basically the pretender king should have a passive ability called “Bad at ruling”, where each bad faction would receive a small buff and would be notified of that by a message saying The pretender king approved your questionable laws.

  • Unseen: The mastermind is permanently not suspicious (unless the king dies)
  • Cult: The cult leader will have infinite eradicates (?)
  • Possessor: He’ll gain another jump
  • Reaper: if he’s attacked he will not lose souls (?)
  • Sorcerer: she can both attack and detonate OR she can both swap and move bombs

Why this change would be beneficial for the game:

  • The pretender will be able to side with evil more easily
  • She cannot claim pretender night one, but she will actually pretend to be a royal

Why this change would be bad for the game:

  • It’s still unbalanced
  • Princess claims would never become king

Any suggestions are appreciated


Additional problem. It confirms to all scum the pretenders status as pretender King


That’s true.