Pretender Re-re-re-re-rework

Pretender - Neutral Special


Dirty blood - x2 votes when stepping. For every royal blood player killed, add 1 to the multiplier.

Usurper - Player who get Blood tested can’t step for king.If pretender died.then remove that passive.

(Day ability)

Ballot mixing(2 charges) - Force all abstained player to vote as what you voted on trial.

Blood test(Unlimited charges) - Check a player to know their class type tonight.If it is royal blood,will cause a bleed effect on that player when used.

(Night ability)

Poison wound(Unlimited charges) - Target a bled player,his bleed will be unhealable.(Can be delayed)

Kinslayer ambush(2 charges)(Unusable until n4) - Attack king.if there are another player who also targeted king,attack him instead.(If there is two,then pretender will not choose to attack tonight)

Goal:Become king and survive.

Edits 2.0 - fuck sake,i put some shit mistake in there.
Edits 2.1 - changed blood test’s ability
Edits 2.1.5 - Changed my English

I like how people started using my names for passives/ abilities in their own suggestions.

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thank you sir :smiley:

Actually I kinda like this one.

Still doesn’t solve the problem of pretender king being kingmaker, but i like this one

maybe, to keep with the theme of bleeding, bleeds will be unhealable or sped up while pretender is king.

Way too powerful. This has NK KPN in the form of bleeds. (plus kinslayer)

Edit 2.1’d

Seems too OP. Too much kill power with the bleed ability, and the usurper passive combined with dirty blood is OP. You’re basically guaranteed king when you step late game.

x2 votes when stepping. For every royal killed, add 1 to the multiplier.

thanks boi correcting my English now

Powerful asf

This is fine?

Uh…? what?

  1. why can it be delayed but not healed? delays are a form of healing this is confusing and annoying, I already dislike that Physician/Chronomancer are randomly more useful/less useful depending what NK spawns this would be even worse.
  2. how does this benefit Pret? I’m guessing they might get A extra vote upon becoming king

Why is this not usable until N4? this is stupid kings will just guard n4/n5 by n6 pretender has a half and half chance that their will be 6+ players left not including the kills on that night and eks can easily avoid this by N6.

Haha here’s the problems, too many intensive to side bd, you know what they say, all neuts side bd.

Anyway this just lets pretender act like current pret with a less better invest ability prets are still going to out and guess what bd aren’t going to care, still let them win aslong as they keep their promise not to attack.

Pretender isn’t going to ever work with a “survive as neutral king”