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Pretender Isn't a Fun Class


Kill king in the first few nights, then sit around doing nothing until BD or Evil Wins with you.

There’s no reason for anybody to even try to do anything to you since you’re death immune.

Most of the Pretenders I play with claim publicly now.

There’s no strategy or anything fun to it for anybody involved.


Yeah, every pretender open claims and they kill king and nothing happens to them

Think I’m gonna start a new pact to end all the Pretenders I hear claim aloud

Remember friends. First we got the Scorns, now we have to face the Pretenders!


It’s a long battle of Ending metas, but it will be finally over soon.(or as soon as the war is gonna end in FH)


I just finished a game with an open Pretender claim who tried to kill the King, but Alch healed him and the game ended since the Reaper died


Here’s a suggestion:

Make pretender is immune to one attack at night, and will gain an additional immunity for every BD lynched on trial and a use of kinslayer; she no longer starts the game with a use of kinslayer.


IMO the problem with Pretender, at least in the games where I was Pretender, isn’t that becoming King is hard, or that surviving is hard, but to have to both become King AND survive to the end of the match is almost impossible. Because you’ve only got 1 guard (!?) and you always die to poison … especially Butler poison.


Simple, exe all butlers


Just died n2 as Evil King and then n3 as Good King.


Pretender IS a fun class. Too ez


tell that to all the pretenders that stepped d2 and got poisons by a butler


That’s what bad pretenders get


This is exactly what I’m talking about.


That it’s too EZ?


if we want to make it harder we don’t make it so BD want to lynch them more we make it so evils want to kill them and BD want to as well

however making it BD sided is bad so it’s a tough problem


past three Pretender games I’ve won. Just act like a Princess, then when King dies claim Pretender. As long as you aren’t sus as NK or if NK still alive


Exactly. There’s no challenge. Every side wins with you so you get voted in no matter what.


Yeah but there are so many new people that nobody knows what the fuck is going on. So if your not having fun with Pretender then maybe you are too OP