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Roleplay List:

Sanctity: Invictus - Rina - Waiting
Replacement Heroes - Kitty - Waiting
Space Pirate - Francis - POST
[Iwaku] Your Hero Academia - Akira [Aretta] - Waiting
Us Against the World Pokemon - Armani- Waiting
Columbia - Lilian - Waiting
Columbia - Firas - Waiting
Godcard - Lilian - Waiting


Julie Hagerty




My RP list. The format is

RP Name - Character Name - Do I need to post or no



I tried to Ctrl+V

I had nothing


nothing to see here




Timezone: 16+


Timezone: 18+

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This copypasta is by far the best new meme format to join ToL in the last year. It has the most copied memes, the strongest repeatbility, and an unreadable phrasology. I believe that he will make finals this year when “To be fair you need a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty” couldn’t. Copypasta or image macro, this format will carry our community like the legend he is. Champs nomination copypasta for Meme Championships 2019 and for Throne of Lies meme format of the year!”


[USER=6192]Kitchen Master Roschanna Silmaris [/USER]

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