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Hjasik it’s the history of a girl who was sold as a mistress at 14 by her mother to her aunt


Wdym by mistress




47 x 45





Your objective is to eliminate the scum factions and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


A-1: Mmmhm. While we’re waiting, let’s collect some resources and build a quick base so that monsters don’t spawn and complicate things.


Your objective is to eliminate the factions and any factions that factions to do you factions.


Minecraft schematic




nether brick


Ich weiß es immer noch nicht, aber ich glaube, ich bin näher zu wissen.




IQ [4]-13.


Will-1 [2]-12




Magic Resistance 252 points/levelYou are less likely to be affected bymagic. Subtract your MagicResistance from the skill of anyonecasting a spell on you, and add it toyour roll to resist any spell that offersa resistance roll. For instance, if youhave Magic Resistance 3, wizards have-3 to cast spells on you and you get +3to resist. In addition, you may rollagainst HT + Magic Resistance toresist the effects of magical elixirs.You cannot“turn off” this advantageto let friendly wizards cast spells onyou (e.g., to heal you) or to benefitfrom helpful elixirs!Magic Resistance only interfereswith spells cast directly on you.Itprovides no benefit against Missilespells (which are cast on the wizard’shand and hurledat you), attacks bymagic weapons, or information-gathering spells that aren’t castdirectly on you.It also has no effecton supernatural powers other thanmagic; e.g., divine miracles, psionics,or the innate powers of spirits.Magic Resistance, and its preciselevel, can be recognized by any magewho looks at your aura, or by anyonewho casts a spell on you.You cannotcombine MagicResistance with Magery. If you haveeven one level of Magic Resistance,you can’t cast spells at all (althoughyou can still use magic weapons).Special EnhancementsImproved:You Magic Resistancedoes not interfere with yourown abil-ity to cast spells. This allows you topossess both Magery and MagicResistance. +150%