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Now THIS is a nightmare





Did someone say nightmares?



Vilhelm looks back, the slight pause between the repositioning and the discourse making him starting to calm down. The discourse greatly did the remaining parts. With the reaction bait, he slightly nodded while moving the hand out of the pommel, taking the box over with both hands to transfer it to wherever he was accommodated.
He put it under the bed, locked the door and threw himself without second thought over it due to general exhaustedness — travel and experience.




Bitch I can’t argue against somebody who can’t fucking accept things the way they are. Your fucking gun shot people. The Down revived a person.

It’s a case of how much shit can I shovel down my throat until someone tells me I’m a legitimate burden on society situation, or (meirl)

And it doesn’t mean that you can’t give me an aneurysm trying to read your fanfiction.

I fucking love your disappointing dedication in my grand motives.

It’s actually because I don’t have a fucking life.

Thank you for your gift to humanity by unvoting the only reasonable person on the planet, leaving them to watch as the world burns.

Yes I reposted your shit.

What are you going to do now?

Cry in a corner and realize your entire existence is hopeless as it only seeks to perpetuate a worthless cycle of death and destruction.

Bring it on bitch

I don’t think you could understand that given your recent disposition to fight my correct words at every turn with piles of shit to attempt to shove down people’s throats.

Too bad people need to consent to that shit. Otherwise you might get somewhere with how often it happens.


Something actually fucking agreeable for once. It’s the dawn of a new year for you, springing forth from rancid toxic shitflinger to now where you are a bottom bitch.


Informed Victim

You’re just another victim, but you somehow know the following bit of information.
"Players are not restricted by their rolecard."
However, information comes at a price.
If you ever type the following words, you will immediately die.
"Mafia. Werewolf. Unseen. Action. Rolecard. DM. Direct. Message. PM. Private."
If you die, your flip will be cleaned.
You must survive.



Always when I enter this thread and ctrl+v I have some confidental information wich can’t be shared here ._.


Je pense que je peux être homosexuel





icibalus no.


No pls


My Ctrl+V ended up being a really sad plug


ad nasueam


level 1


192 points·10 months ago

Not surprising. At one point you had to be absurdly rich just to own the color purple.


Starting at 5th level, your speed increases by 10 feet while you aren’t wearing heavy armor


Starting at lvl 6 you perma die


eu to