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remember the point where they became cursed for going against their master?
“The kenku once served a mysterious, powerful entity on another plane of existence.”

basically and I went to search for the deity mentioned
and I discovered that, tldr, their patron deity isn’t their creator
their patron isn’t powerful, in reality, it’s a lesser deity
however, their creator has been mentioned since the start to be a greater non-lawful sky god

the kenku patron deity also despised the responsability of having to take care of a race and teached the kenku how to survive by themselves

did they betray their creator, or did they betray their patron?
I thought the “master” referred to the patron, but a) their patron isn’t powerful and b) their patron hated having subordinates


the real suffering is that you’re playng bard :^)


the real suffering is getting hyped on the race and actually searching for a list of possible kenku creators


but mostly the fact that you’re playing a bard who is literally bad at the only thing that bards are good at


but he can making amazing covers,


great, so he’s the Rob Daviau of DnD


whos Rob Daviau


Board Game designer, most notably the inventor of the legacy format, known for creating the best versions oof every game he works on but not very good at making his own games

he helped with Betrayal At The House On The Hill


he also happens to have been one of the mian designers behind Pandemic Legacy Season 1, widely considered to be the second greatest board game ever made behind Gloomhaven


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I don’t think so
It wasn’t a serious action like an attack




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