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you would be surprised by how difficult it is to have meaningful character interactions with somebody who can’t speak normally


In RP or real life

Cause yeah I agree you need experienced player to pull that off


It’s the rp that has been rolling
My character can only speak by imitating others


Ah Echo.

Yeah an echo is difficult as hell. If the setting is modern, I recommend voice recorder to be carried around. Or a phone. If it’s fantasy, then yeah it’s difficult.


Fantasy but my character is the voice recorder.


Yeah I can only tell you good luck for that one.



Aasimar? That’s a good start, using facial expression and the like. Maybe add description of body movement.


Aasimars are humans touched by angels at birth. It is a kenku.





I’m not too versed in DnD but sounds fun


hjasik no.


I miss my Kenku druid. She only lasted one session (the campaign got canned). Her name was Cricket. :sob:


omg a kenku druid is such a good idea
mines is a bard


why not


@Marluxion have you read kenku lore and stuff



Only the basic stuff, nothing in depth yet