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Potential EK buff


Ok, here me out.

One too many times have I been successfully nominated as EK, and my unseen die shortly after. Now with the NK dead, I am left to fend myself and futilely try to outrun my inevitable death.

So I propose a new ability / mechanic for when EK is the last unseen. An ability that allows to stir up a little trouble and cause mishap…

[The following ability applies to both Unseen / Cult King]
>Lethal Guards (Night) - Send a guard to attack someone. Others will not be able to see who you target. The guard will die in your place if the player is protected. (1 time use)

This suggestion would be game-changing if executed correctly… Making BD chase after non-existent unseen almost.

This is my first suggestion and post - Hopefully I don’t get roasted haha. Let me know what you guys think! :slight_smile:


Alright so how many times could you have saved your unseen by guarding them. How many times could you have convinced the court that they weren’t evil. You are the evil king, Evil Kings should require to manipulate the court to win. This just makes them too powerful tbh.


Devil’s advocate: electing an Evil King should be bad.


Thanks for your input! I understand that this could make EK very powerful, but I think that it’s simply terrible for one to have to survive without their evil comrades.

With this suggestion, Evil King still can manipulate the court in a way I suppose. I still don’t really have a good feel of balance in this game as I’m relatively new lol :sweat_smile:


Electing king should be a bad thing And should be considered like a safe lynch