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Post songs you like


Still their best song, amongst many strong contenders

Grab a pair of good headphones, taken ten minutes, sit back, and listen




Please, look both of these artists up. So good.





OwO captain liked my post he’s still here UwU


Cease and desist.


My 2015 fav is still good shit


Ok I used it as a trigger to listen to my 2015 playlist and now I’m on 15min of vocaloid stuff.




do you want to hear my very edgy vocaloid stuff together?


not answering = yes

this one was my earlier favourite iirc


(removing the second one because it has a rape implication)
(can’t find the third one but it was a being who fooled a girl trying to gain magic powers)

some middleterm favourites
god they’re more edgy than I thought


and this was one of the remaining I still heard when I left my cringe epoca for good



now please make all my comments disappear amidst the thread thx


Hang on gotta get muh boy Thanos
Only thing is half of it would be gone



why did the autoplayer brought me into undertale
no stop
I want to hear my 13yo cringe.