Post songs you like


“Because fuck you, thats why”

No ew


That wasn’t even that long ago

13 to 14yo-ery was a big marker in my life ok.
was when I started studying seriously and living alone.
@edit: nvmd I had an apartment mate at 14, I lived alone at 15

I’m not on the vocaloid scene really, but I know this tune
I think SharaX did a remix of it once

(Don’t ask why am I listening to this song :wink: )

I could say the same about metal nightcore

halp me

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merry monday

I was wondering, does anyone here sleep with music? And if you do, what kind of music?

Basically some random BGM album in Youtube.

For example:

have a good weekend all!

Only if it’s loud and I don’t have ear plugs

Although I’m probably going to need to get back into the habit of doing so before going to Australia

I have a sleep playlist of all my quieter songs from my phone I generally use - it’s easier to fall asleep to tracks you’re familiar with than new stuff your brain wants to process imo

Then again, I think the best sleep aid I ever had was downloading all of the AP World History videos from 5 Steps to a 5 and just playing them while I tried to fall asleep

Worked flawlessly

I agree. I have been using the exact same playlist to sleep for about two years, and whenever I add a new song as soon as that new song plays I wake up.

Couldn’t sleep to half the stuff I listen to

I’d be up out my bed dancing my skinny ass off

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