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Post songs you like


Anything you are listening to currently or really good suggestions that you listen for a while and cant get tired of
just share your taste with the world

this fucking songs keeps coming back to my head every once in a while

also why does title must be 15 characters long.


this fucking band man.





Literally anything off of skins



Other than that the soundtrack for Made in Abyss has become my go-to for studying or whatever


All anime openings other than the bad ones are good.


I like your way of thinking.





My friend is lenting me the physical novels {3


I am continuing from where the anime ends which is novel 4 :smiley:


Aw, I just read 4!
Plum is my new favorite secondary character.
Also, Steph has a function in the LN. It seems like the novel passes from her POV.


I mean it narrates the facts on different places (Sora/Shiro/the harem girls on the oriental federation and Steph and Ino Hatsuse in Elkia) but the info you know and how the book brings you to react is Steph’s POV
The girl represents humanity so it makes senseish


And this turns into the NGNL discussion thread.