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Possible Inqu rework(no more mini NK)


Okay before you type in the comments…YES! I did post something like this before in the forums. It was called the detective. I will delete that one soon.

This is a rework on the inqu since I hear many people in game say how inqu is just a mini NK. This version of inqu allows for him to be a invest class but is not completely randomized on the targets. This also helps from you randomly becoming a heathen due to RNG. Tgis also helps prevent you randomly dying in game from inqu, which is not fun.

This inqu also can side with evil or BD. Or Evan stay solo killing your targets.



Passive 1;
Holy blessings - You are death immune once

Day ability 1;
Sixth Sense - Select a player, If your target can attack someone, then prevent them tonight and attack them [2 uses]”

Day ability 2;
Ruthless efficiency- Your next attack will go through death Immunity [2 uses]

Night ability 1;
Quick Hunch - Select a player, Find out if they have attacked someone before or is attacking someone tonight. It will say they attacked someone even if the attack failed to kill. You will also prevent any invest classes from visiting this target_[unlimited uses]_

Night ability 2;
Personal Business - Attack a player that you have found who attacked someone else [unlimited uses]

Win Con - Kill 2 player that have successfully killed another player

If poss uses someone to kill than it will still count as poss killing someone not the person that was forced to attack for him.

Questions that you could answer for this class:

1 - will this be a good class to play along with in the game?
2 - will you have fun playing this class?
3 - do you think this class is too overpowered or too underpowered?
4 - do you think this class will change the game in a positive or negative way?

Please place hateful comments below :point_down:


Still literally just a mini NK. Just with different targets. The fact that the NK is always one of those target just makes it worse. /nosupport

My issue is with the Wincon and is thus fundamental




What if he was not able to get results from NK. Maybe a second passive making it so all results from the NK appear as did not attack


why though, this shouldn’t be the case.

This is possessor niche to make people do the dirty work for him tbh


If this wouldn’t make for a good neutral than how about making this a different investigative class for BD



what’s your ideas?


Maybe make an entire new class based off of the ability to see if someone attacked or not.


Or that could be an ability for Paladin or Sheriff rework. Since people don’t like hard counters than instead of checking if someone is unseen/Cult they can check if they have attacked someone or is attacking someone tonight.


princess will o wisp does that


however we could experiment with more invests


I know princess does something similar but I’m talking about a whole new class designed around seeing if someone attacked in previous nights as well plus some other abilities to make it a full kit


I don’t see it having potential. It is at best a check that can find NK and Assassin/CL, which is already less useful and less reliable compared to both Sheriff, Maid and Observer (Princess has a different use entirely but also has literally that ability)


That still could work. Give it a decent kit around that and it could possibly be decent. Give me time to create one and than give me your opinion there