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Possible Bug in Unseen Winning Game


What happened?

Alive on d5 - Good King

d5 goes like this. Unseen vote up Prince. King pardons. We vote up King and exe him. Unseen auto win the game.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

d5 goes like this - Unseen vote up Prince. King pardons. Unseen votes up King and exes. Prince jails Assassin (He knew who he was and has all exes).
n5 - Prince exes assassin. Unseen cant do anything.
d6 - Nothing since King was exed there can be no votes. Prince jails Enforcer who now is assassin (He knows who he is, still has 2 exes)
n6 - Prince exes assassin. MM cant do anything.
d7 - Not enough votes for a king or to vote anyone up. Prince jails MM.
n7 - Prince exes MM

BD win.

Steps to reproduce:

See above


I was part of the Unseen team. Im not complaining about the win, but it seems a bit off for this to be an auto win? Am I missing something on how this should have played out?


Did Assassin have uses of their bleeding ability?


Ah true enough. I dont know, I was the enforcer and didnt ask.


Lets just assume not for the sake of the arguement?


@NuclearBurrito your scenario actually happened

what are the chances


In that case, the game should not end.

Do you play on Windows? @Sharvax


lol It really did. And very very low Im assuming.

My understanding is that MM cant turn assassin if theres another assassin right? So he couldnt make that choice to end prince.

Also yes I do on Windows


This isn’t the best place to post bugs. The discord typically gets faster responses and/or are addressed easier.

but eh


Eh wasnt something that was really gamebreaking. Was more of a “wtf - Am I missing something”. Maybe should move to feedback?


No, it was a bug.


Tbf this scenario shouldn’t exist as its abusing a mechanic that’s suppose to harm bd