Possessor Lore - Not finished, please review

The court awakened and bodies of the day were revealed. Gilbert Carew, who had been leading the court with his claims and accusations, was found dead. A dispute broke out before The Observer spoke up.

“I know who did it. Reginald Alard visited Gilbert that night.”

All attention turned to one man; Reginald. The King rose one hand, held out one finger, and yelled one word. “TRAITOR!” Mr. Alard was put up for treason, and he scrambled his notes together.

“I swear, I’m innocent. I’m the Court Wizard! You can trust me, you know I’m innocent!”

The court listened not to him and all votes went toward his guilt. He was executed and the body revealed everything. He was, in fact, the Court Wizard.

The day closed with people whispering amongst themselves, and people decided that The Observer was to die next.

When dawn broke, The Observer was found dead, with lifeless eyes. It had seemed like his soul had been ripped from him. His eyes had no irises and his body was cold to the touch. The Physician was called to the scene but not a single scratch or bruise was found by him. Confused murmuring surrounded the body, all except one man. The King. He was acting mighty strange and seemed to be completely out of it. People simply put it down to the shock of The Observer’s strange death, but that would be their greatest mistake.

Notes: I think there could be a lot more added to this, and I also feel like it needs to be more clear that this is Possessor lore without reading the title. Also, this is my first post, so please be gentle as I am still getting used to this website.


Hey coconut, welcome

I like the lore - and get the impression your looking for feedback

so yeah im going to do that

this bit made me think of reaper, so maybe…aah Im not a good writer

I wont tell you what to write because I cant - so ill just say what I think(okay maybe some suggestions too)

  1. was a bit short, though it was a good read
  2. Have the Physician from earlier step up claiming its a poss game? Might help it out a bit
  3. Prince is always a good character to have in these lores because everything tends to go back to them. Mayb Poss possess Prince and then you can write some dialogue between the King and Possessor Prince?

that’s about all I could think of. Don’t know if someone else writes more they might be able to give advice but here are my suggestions regardless

nice job though, that was fun to read, would like to see it expanded

also fun fact if you replace the names of Gilbert/Reginald with people on the forums people might just come read it because of that

and it would be funny

just putting this post here

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are you gonna continue this?

I’m not sure, I might. Probably not if I’m being honest. I feel like I would start over if I’m going to do anything with Possessor lore again.