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Possessor Given False Information


What happened?

I Possessed the body of another player. The game gave me a notification in red text stating that the player was a Paladin. The player was, however, not a Paladin, he was a Cult Leader.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

I was supposed to be notified by the game of the correct class of the player I possessed. I was supposed to be notified that the player was a Cult Leader.

Steps to reproduce:

Be Possessor. Possess a Cult Leader.


Lost the game because the Cult knew immediately. I could have jumped the next night had I known it was Cult Leader.



Was there a ritualist who made him NS


That’s the most probable scenario.


But, if it was ritualist, doesn’t that just make it even worse? Possessor is not an investigative class, why should his feedback be incorrect even if a ritualist made him appear NS that night? And why would it show Paladin? It should give Possessor correct feedback, he literally jumped into the skin of this individual, he knows what he was right?


yeah but I was saying a glitch could be due to ritualist


To exact class checks, MM shows up as Sheriff.