Possessor Changes (by Nuke)


Neutral Killer
Passive 1: Black Shield - Immune to death at night
Passive 2: Mimicry - You have the passives of the player you currently are possessing unless it has an effect that triggers on execution or an effect that changes your own class

Day Ability 1: Mind Control - Force your first target to vote for your second. They cannot vote for the rest of the day (2 uses)
Day Ability 2: Mind reading - See whispers to and from target player for the rest of the day (2 uses)

Night Ability 1: Puppet Strings - Kill target player. Your first target will appear to attack them instead of you and you will see their night results. (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Possess - Kill target player and choose a class. You will take control of their body and your old body will appear as the chosen class. If successful you may read the possessed players logs and you will heal yourself. You will also learn their class. Otherwise regain the use. Bypasses healing (3 uses)


Seems good. Did you make possess no longer bypass healing on purpose or did you forget to add it?(Not that I’m against it). And black shield should clarify “immune to death at night”. I’m pretty sure that’s what other immunities say

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On purpose

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after holding out against some mafia that wants to rob your bank, you see something coming from heaven… you hear it’s words as many maf members start screaming and running.



Insert pikachu shocked meme

Also what about the people with no passives?

Oh noes

That’s cool. Now I don’t need to make up a random result and die

sleeps again

Wording is kinda confusing, but seems like regular possess combined with Facelift

So to recap, Possessor seems more like is Possessee, and Facelift becomes merged with Possess

seems legit


What ABOUT them?

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And instead of PS giving whispers, Possess is just a retroactive whisper check

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I was forced to do this by nuke

Both of these are good, I expect possessors to probably jump into physicians for bleed immunity.

These are both good. I would maybe nerf mindread to 2 uses? It could be fine with 3 though.

Doesn’t this mean that knight now kills him as well? I think it’s good but overall maybe nerf some spots and make it so knight doesn’t kill him

No. The interaction is the same as now just without the whisper reading

K, I would probably still nerf mindread to 2

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Made mind read a part of puppet strings and gave poss an occupy. I realized that Poss had no counterplay to healers as is, and while having him he weak to them is fine, he shouldn’t be helpless

No counterplay to healers? But possess currently bypasses healing

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Currently it does. This one doesn’t

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Alternatively I can readd possess bypassing healing. I honestly forgot why I removed that in the first place

I readded poss bypassing healing and removed the occ ability thing.

Moved whisper reading to a day ability with 2 uses.

Gave possess 3 uses.

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