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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


now I want to make a joke video where I do this.


Creating male characters >


I mean that works too in my strat


Never? Aren’t you least bit curious? I tried smoking cigarettes a single time in my life and weed like 10 times, but I didn’t end up continuing with those. Just wanted to see what’s up.


at least you aren’t asthmatic and want to smoke a bong someday


I used to never want to drink until last year.


Stop making terrible life choices


I mean not really

I always hear people talk about how it tastes shitty and it’s only purpose is to get you hammered

I’d rather just get a carton of orange juice for 1/3rd of the price of a bottle and enjoy that tbh


not my fault that I make awful life choices


I was like this too when I was young, until I turned 15 (drinking age was 16 in the Netherlands then)


:clap: that’s the appeal


why is that enjoyable


its entertaining as fuck.

maybe not when you do it.

but having a friend


Our health campaigns here say never to try it once reeeeee
Don’t be a bad influence


also drinking is a great way to distract yourself from life.


It legit doesn’t though. There is such a large variety of alcholic beverages that I doubt you wouldn’t like any of them for just taste. I genuinely enjoy the taste of beer.

How do you feel about wine?


wine bad wine bad


I feel the exact same about it as i do about literally every alcoholic beverage :^) Never tried it


Social lubricant. It’s a bonding experience.


That is not the right way to think about it