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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


I wouldn’t enjoy this myself I think, but I have never really tried I think. :thinking:


sorry merc


I mean. it is fun watching drunk friends tho.

you got a point there.


Peer pressure will be there, especially at your age, but you don’t need to be drunk to be fun.


I know I’m just being Pug


There is no peer pressure if you don’t have peers!
finger guns


Also I do have an Asian friend who gets drunk so much quicker than regular Dutchies and it is amusing to watch her go, I must admit.


I usually like to challenge people’s views awfully on purpose for the sake of fun.


then go buy gf on runescape and your problem will be fixed




I mean. it’s the only viable way to get a bond in osrs nowadays.

if you’re lazy.


I’ve sold shittons of items via ge and I have only got to 100k once.


This is very tragic when you think about it too much though.

Cynicism strikes again


I mean this is what i get for not paying for membership but still.


it is sad. but funny


When I got high level at my MMORRPG I usually went in front of newbie dgs I planned going and called EVERYONE I COULD to carry them
I also gave them free items they could use or drops that could sell for a valuable amount for a beginner
I didn’t knew it was uncommon until someone said “whoa you’ve very generous” because I passed the entire game on a really cooperative guild and with guys that gave me free things


I’ve never done this, but I always played free to play in some pay to win games, so I always had to scrape by.

But I’m also not that generous, I can live with it


See if I wanted to drink I could just buy it

the problem is me having absolutely 0 interest in it as i’ve never drunk before tbh


how to get a bond in osrs 2018. (this also applies to rs3)

  • make sure your character is a female. (bonus points if you make the character look like a thot)
  • go to ge in populated server.
  • “selling gf”
  • get 3.2m gp and then buy bond
  • now do multiple farm runs to sustain your membership


I mean this pretty much works in any mmorpg to get a shitton of money.

it’s my official guide tho