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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


Ok time for bed goodnight


is it bad that I’d smoke a bong even tho I’m asthmatic


Yes, that’s just terribly stupid. Your life and health is worth way more.


I stopped to think here and am now seriously considering abstaining from drinking :thinking:


Bake brownies instead


weed brownies fuck yeah


Eh dont bother, as long as you’re intelligent its good fun

Most importantly: know your limits


Just scratch all the inevitable health risks associated with it


It’s not INT, it’s CAR or maybe SAB depending on the DM


Ok legit goodnight


what will even happen to me in 10 years.

I’m scared now


be me and say you’ll go to sleep but end up sleeping 3 hours later


dying early was on my to do list anyway.

also I’m not joking.
I’d rather die around 50-70


hell. even if I died now, I wouldnt care.


but that isnt positivity.

so let’s go back to that pls?


I do drink myself, so maybe I come of as a hypocrite, but I know it’s not good for your body. You’re literally screwing your brain as to feel like that, but many things are like that, so just do it in moderation and when you have reason to celebrate.


or do it to stop your depression

but okay that was a fucked statement and I am really pushing boundaries of forum rules


Or don’t drink and appreciate how everyone else is off their mind


I’m usually quite cynical, so I don’t know how I ended up here. :smile:

I’m happy that I had a good party yesterday. :wink:



(I didnt want to say anything more)