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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)

  1. unfortunately no recording.
  2. that shit illegal to record considering i was shirtless.


Absolutely not


That’s whack.


Unless you’re a girl no it isn’t


that makes it even more of a no no.

I’m talking about how I’m underage


Subway and Steam prices are the only fair and good thing on this world


It the single most easy way to get free alcohol


I’m scared to know how much I’ll drink when I turn 18.


Pug drinking pact for when were 18 ecks dee


Just don’t be an idiot about it. It’s fun, but it’s not a magical thing that makes everything better.

I’m 24 and too old for this site?


Bitch its the most magical thing I have ever consumed

I am literally the australian stereotype


should your uncle do what he usually does and ditch his 20 nephews and 0 friends to play osrs

  • yes
  • no luigi.

0 voters


you know I wont listen to this.


As long as you have good friends you will be safe


it’s very hard to stop me.

I’ve fallen on my back onto a rock recently

I wanted to just try climbing again tho.


also it’s the case in school where I say really dumb shit after they say to stop.


Even if you get blackout drunk good friends will take you home to bed etc


I know you probably won’t, but that’s okay. You need to make mistakes and truly learn yourself. Just ensure it doesn’t get dangerous.


Just don’t do ice


I never would.

that one’s a no no