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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


Tbh my future projection is that I may be the last generation that will see them for free
Private education is a growing market by multinationals (Lemann bought the fucking prep course I’m doing rn) and at the same time not only the budget sent for public unis are going cheaper at the point that iirc in the crisis one didn’t even had water, but as well before the elections became the mainstream media talking topic, there seemed to be a passive movement of boycotting. I think that I can take when the national museum got on fire, and it was the care responsability of a federal uni, but the federal uni didn’t receive enough money from the government to be able to do anything and the uni was seen with bad looks.


Dutch uni’s are also not free. :cry:

Though we have to pay like 20% of what non-europeans have to pay for our uni’s.


cries in £9250 per year


That’s cheaper than U of M’s tuition for in-state students, never mind for out-of-state students


Yes but considering that before the Tories came into power, we would have paid under a third of that cost…


Me going to rant on interstate differences when I remember that the USA isn’t federative




I was going to say that it didn’t make sense to make it harder from students from other states to study at an specific state, then I remembered that the nature of the USA states is more autonomous than what is considered average.


We’re so big that it really has to be that way lol


Like we’re almost as big as Europe


Europe is small
Excluding Russia


The difference between Brazil and the USA are something like 1mi km² as they are 4th/3rd places in biggest nations and we don’t have that here.
It is not needed. It is just because the USA aren’t federative.




Also don’t underestimate the extra 1,300,000 square kilometers and 120,000,000 people


I said shit on the “Europe is small”, I was just too mad at the “You don’t understand because you don’t know how big the USA are, let me show you”

tl;dr Our states are less autonomous, for there to be a competition between them would be stupid


If I want to, I can study in any federal or state uni in the brazilian territory without disadvantages (not counting the regional geography/history but in general we learn major events from everywhere so whatever)
The maximum difficulty I’ll encounter is one that doesn’t accepts alumni from the national exam and requires entries to do their own exam, but even then I can only travel for the uni to do the test at the day it is applied.


1: I didn’t say that, and you know I wouldn’t :roll_eyes:

2: I’m not dumb, I know Brazil is large too

It’s because education is partially funded by each state’s taxes. Ergo, public universities charge in-state students less, as that part is covered by the taxes they paid to the state.

None of it is a competition lol


We also have state unis alongside with federal unis. They are also founded by taxes. However everyone in national territory is still equal.

As a federative unit (for an example), if one state has a really small gross product, the state will realocate resources from a state with a nicer gross product to sustain the other probably in more intensity than the USA would do this (if they do at all, idk). There’s even a separationist movement which is less meme and more treated seriously as southern you go ( for a map of GDP per state) because the south believes they are founding the northeast too much.


Lord jingus I need to reboot this thread because this week off work so far has been pretty good to me

Monday: got a bunch of stuff figured out for my DnD class that I’m gonna be using in a one-shot soon
Tuesday: went on a successful date and also hung out with a mate afterwards
Wednesday: Hyped for Joker on Smash, also getting back into FM feels good


One of the only things that’s making this week not total trash is Joker’s release