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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


Update that my sister tried to talk with me on which course and which uni I wanted and etc
“Have you thought of studying abroad?”
I proceed to rant on how my pronounce is horrid
aaand tldr she convinced me for 20 seconds that I wasn’t neither hopeless nor trash without me saying anything on how I felt on the matter
> irl Merc cries when people are being good to her
> couldn’t hold tears and thought oh shit I cried
> irl Merc is also an unapproachable dettached stone
> sister proceeds to being wholesome and saying that I didn’t need to hold anything since she wouldn’t judge me etc etc
so ye my night was great


Legit question

Are you gonna try studying abroad? :eyes:


Atm I really need some better pronounciation before I attempt to do anything
I was supposed to have the Cambridge certifiate thingy if I studied english one more year because my english school had some bound to Cambridge, but I dropped it since I moved cities and my parents didn’t bother enough to let me continue to study that
Then I passed three years without pronounciating a single word and now my broken english hurts to hear. Bravo.
I would have to do TOEFL first. My english teacher from school called me to do a free simulated test in 2018 but I missed it on purpose since I was hyper depressed in September and wasn’t on the mood to arrange someone to bring me there anyways since I didn’t even had the right to make a bus card for myself when I was 15
Very likely going to push my way into the 9 hells to convince my parents to let me go on an interchange since I need to pronounce better and fast if I’ll attempt to do it tho.
There will be a lot of pressure from either if I succeed at passing here when I finish my 3rd school year (“why do you want this when you already have a place to study here lmfao”) or failing to (“but are you even competent enough for this”) and “do you even need this” in both cases so I’ll also have to prepare myself for this stupidity
And, principally
I need to know if agronomy is better to be studied locally or not and if tech jobs are so doing-it-only-for-pay as everyone says
if both are true I’ll have to find a new course for myself since those two are my most generic career path options I have to answer


Good luck :slight_smile:


wait actually
@Solic owo answer me


Wait do you mean in general

Because idk about you but personally I find it hard to believe I’d end up anywhere but a tech job

If that’s you too do it

If not maybe don’t lol


The thing is that if I’m going to work only for sustaining, dealing with land is a much more comfortable route. The differential is that it requires flexibility since you won’t go to work in a fixed rate in predetermined weekdays. Also it is basically controled gambling aka “calculated risk”.
I’m also partial because of my cousin who basically screwed up his health hard when he ran a business.
But if I studied outside I doubt that I would want to live in Brazil as well, kek.


Person who posted below me is noob


I also didn’t take my Cambridge exam in highschool, but did it my second year of uni. It was unnecessary, because my english speaking university could just give me a certificate for when I went on exchange to Australia (side-note, classic best time of my life experience), but it was more of a personal pride kind of thing and I enjoyed doing it. I had a similar problem in that I rarely spoke English, but mainly learned it through games and the internet, so the speaking part of the exam was tough for me too. I got the fucking question what I thought of groups of people coming together… like wtf is this question. I ended up doing fine though. It was probably a case of underestimating yourself.

As for the tech question, that industry is so big, it’s really hard to comment on it, because I would probably want to kill myself in a callcenter of IT support, but I actively chose my current job as a developer. I took the second highest employable study in the Netherlands, so it was really a choice as well. (Maybe that’s unfair, because a lot of those choices would be in finance which is a similar industry, I did Econometrics) I have some reservations about my new job, but I definitely want to stay here at least a year. I like Tech, because you can easily work from home occasionally, the hours are very chill (almost everyone on the department works 90% or a similar arrangement, we can demand it, because the jobs are so in demand) (this is very different from a lot of those finance jobs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), it’s well-paid, job secure, dynamic (because of changing software requirements, your work won’t stay the same). This is only from a dutch perspective though. I can imagine outsourcing might be a big problem, I see a lot of companies getting a huge IT base in India for instance who might have very different working conditions.

It’s true that it’s not “the most fun” job I could imagine, but other options like game designer, writer or teacher (which would be on my mind) all have their own caveats. A very large realistic one is indeed crappy pay and low job security, but those drivers are very fucking important (student loans and all). I can still do some of these things in a capacity as a software developer anyways. Teaching as in a training course. Game design is heavily tied in with software and I could do it in my spare time. Writing could be pursued as a hobby and later on maybe done more professionally in the meantime it’ll be writing documentation and comments. :wink:


Flags are squeezed


Not like that for me but rip


@Reaper Appreciation Day

It seems to be heavily demand based then. Thanks for your feedback, it is really important for me.


French boi


I don’t know what this is like in Brazil but if you aren’t in it for the kids don’t be a teacher tbh

Your country may be different but teachers here are overworked and underpaid, with school budgets shrinking as inflation drives costs up.

Definitely only pursue a teaching job if you’re legitimately passionate about helping kids learn imo


Solic was talking about himself here. He never told me to be a teacher.
Same situation here. You either study a lot to work at an university/cram course or take the few money you have from your own pocket to help sustain the school.
When I studied in a public school, we had to make a raffle to pay for an air conditioner for our class, iirc at the time the alumni were bringing ventilators from their own houses (and summer was hell because fruit flies would storm in). And actually we didn’t get an air conditioner because the money was used to fix a part of the sewer that just broke.
The window was also broken from before we got in the class. The door couldn’t close either because the handle was also broken. I think they still are to this day.


I’m aware

I’m still able to give firsthand advice to not be a teacher lol


Btw talking about studying abroad

  1. fuck the dollar price for going up
  2. fuck the brl going down
  3. how much it costs uwo


I’m not pretty sure if it is worth it to be mortgaged until my life ends on education fees when, checking a website here, out of the top 10 unis in Brazil 9 are totally fucking free.
The other one is a for-profit private


My friend wasted like 15k reais in an intercâmbio whatever it is in english for 1 month there studying
Thats what grips me


Must be nice