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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


Reminds me of my teacher
“Also have I cited that a girl has used my university papers.
I was just…
no why don’t do it they are bad”


I got accepted into a Danganronpa RP I applied for and I’m going to be on a Lab Tour of a nearby hospital :slight_smile:


It was a, from a small skim, amateurish university project and they misrepresented my results, but it counts.


not a single event but it turns out that life really does improve when you stop going to toxic places and talking to toxic people


My teacher’s paper was about verossimiliant historic fiction on the America’s age of discovery iirc
and he used as example in the paper a book where people named Colombus were the reincarnation of Colombus.


Everything on my life is mostly running well and I am grateful for that.


it is for me


And it’s over. I’m going to be a productive member of society now. :upside_down_face: Lord help me.


Praise the Sol




Managed to finish homework even if I arrived home 3 hours late


that’s good


The fact that there was no positive comments for a solid 22 days in this forums in itself is slightly alarming.

Good thing people managed to come back! Right?


I might return back to FM in a month/2
school is killing me right now, hence my mega afk on escape room


Midterm season woo


Sugarcoating things to customer service working wonders made my day today.


What did you sc?


I was an idiot and just walked to the grocery store and back with new shoes (130 euros, I have big and wide feet, so it’s not easy to find quality) and sent them back with a smidge on the white sole, because they ended up not fitting. They declined me initially, but begging customer service luckily worked out. :slight_smile: It’s the 7th pair I buy at their web shop, so I felt like I had something hanging over them at least.


:b: ig :foot:


To balance my karmic energy out in the vent thread:
My BFF from years 5 to 13, whom I studied with since I was 3, is now living in the same city as mines :smile: