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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


We move you to cake thread if you keep pinging demons here


Marl is our Lord and Savior

I preach Marlism



what is happening


dont talk to me or my son ever again


Low of solicsism


Hell is happening


Idk have we found water on the sun yet or


So may I ask what the hell is happening


You don’t wanna know


let’s get positive again pls


next time on positivity thread.

we classify everyone as a danganronpa character in cake thread


I am rereading an awesome webcomic.


I lose faith in humanity after reading through the thread, someone help me.


regain faith with my webcomic pls it is good shit



I feel so proud of myself when I start to write


I feel so proud of him when he starts to write


Hey I am doing one of the things I listed yesterday


I feel more proud of myself when I finish what I started
Fuck yeah


Just found out that someone had cited one of my university papers. :smiley: It wasn’t even a great project, but it feels super weird to see someone else use it.