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Positivity Thread (To counteract the karmic imbalance caused by the Venting Thread)


Nintendo still aren’t addressing their biggest failing

which is not making another advance wars game in like 11-12 years




I dont have a switch


mother 3 will never be localised.
and the magypsies is to blame imo.

There would be too much shit happening with those characters in the game.

Also you can’t just straight up change them as they are a huge part to the game.


controversy would happen in this day and age regarding those characters.



There’s still part of me that wants Mother 3 localised despite knowing it won’t happen


At least in this day and age.

It can’t happen.

Nintendo would get shit on by the media really hard.


Thats not even what happened tho

Matpat labled it as the ‘new undertale’ implying it was like undertale but made it clear it was heartbound.

Him forgetting the link was bad but its not like every gaming youtuber links ea’s page if they’re playing an ea game


And then…people ask if the heartbound creator is actually Toby Fox :thinking:


he didn’t really make it clear by just the title and thumbnail alone.

also keep in mind that he changed it

after the controversy


Like I do hate matpat’s theorys.
so I may have a tiny bit of a bias here.

but still…

It just shows I was right about him being a piece of shit


cracks that matpat is a bit of a narcissist cracks through.


matpat does maths and calls it a theory


don’t forget jumping to conclusions


like he has videos on mario maker and smash ultimate that are literally just number crunching



I’m going to make a game theory video rn

Hello internet welcome to epic theory this time did you know that.

sans undertale is nagito komaeda yes yes it’s shocking how he’s not actually ness

one dialogue from nagito komaeda in the game Danganronpa 2 which reminds me of undertale shows this.

“I’m too disdainful to actually try at anything… I’ve made peace with the fact that I’m a lowly, stupid, insignificant human who can’t do anything right.”

he’s sans subscribe for more video


even tho this theory contradicts my sans is ness theory.

they’re both true



This thread fucking exploded when I was out at a Frank Turner gig


No u


thank sans komaeda